What Something Smell Like?! 


                                                                                               February 1989

The girls and I have spent the week at mama’s house while Curtis was in revival this week. I took off from work and got the hell out of Tarleton for a minute. Curtis is in Little Rock doing a revival for Blake. I was scheduled to join him on the last night. My husband had been on my mind all day so I decided to call him and tell him how much I loved him. Normally when I tell Curtis I love him over the phone, even when other preachers are present, he returns the sentiment. This time he simply said, “Okay”. That was weird. When I relayed the conversation to mama I got the knowing eye and she told me to go and check on my husband. I loaded up the girls and hit the road. When I got to Little Rock Curtis was shocked to hell and back. The first thing I noticed when I entered the hotel room was the disheveled state of the bed. When I dropped the girls on the bed the distinct smell of a familiar perfume wafted up and breezed by my nose. It was expensive perfume. I looked straight at Curtis for an explanation and he went into a litany of lies about the maid making up the bed earlier and probably laying across the bed as she tucked the sheets, which must have left her scent. I had to concede, he had put a little effort into this story even if it was a crock of BS. I snatched my girls off that filthy, soiled, immoral bed and made us a pallet on the floor. I laid my big pregnant ass on the floor with my babies and refused to allow Curtis to join us. He kept me up all night lying and begging me to believe in his innocence. The maid left the scent of perfume in the room indeed! At church the following night, all through the service, I kept looking around the church wondering which one of those hussies had left her perfume scent on my husband’s bed. I felt like a fat pregnant fool!