I began seriously chronicling my life story in 1999. I have evolved from the woman you initially meet at the beginning of this diary: bitter, angry, vulgar, foul-mouthed, cynical and carnal, to the “Woman of God” I am today.



It has taken years to evolve and transform and I am still a work in progress. I have honestly depicted who I was and gradually, under the influence of the Holy Spirit who I have become. I am a testament to God's power of grace, anointing, deliverance, healing, and transformation.



Please be patient and read my diary in its entirety and witness the effect of God's amazing grace.



I share my heart and soul with you, the reader. This testimony is not for the carnal, the coy, or the fainthearted. The content is intended for a mature audience and contains revealing depictions of the degradation of GOD’s leaders, their families, followers, and ultimately their message.   



It has taken more than a decade to share this intimate portion of my life with the public. I hesitated in publishing this diary out of fear of hurting and offending the people I love most.



 I am a “mad preacher’s wife” but I’ve channeled my anger toward the true enemy, Satan.


  It is with God's sense of purpose that I allow the reader into my home, mind, and heart as we journey down the road of a mad preacher's wife.