Excerpt: It's Getting Hot

It is hotter than hell in this damn parsonage. It’s not even full-fledged summer heat yet, and already I can barely breathe in here. I have to go down to the church to get dressed in Curtis’ office before services. If I try to dress at home my hair gets nappy, my arm pits sweat and I am soaked with perspiration before I can get out the door. This past Sunday Curtis and I were sitting around the house with Kingston, waiting for the afternoon services to start, and I got pissed because the fan was blowing hot air. I wanted my husband to take his ass to the church and demand we get air conditioning right now! He told me he was doing the best he could, but I begged to differ, plus my belly and ass are getting bigger by the day and I am hot! Curtis got pissed and walked out the door while I was still talking to him. I was forced to remind him who the hell I was. I only had on a slip, but when he started dismissing me and stormed out that door, I flung that damn door back open and ran off that porch sans the steps! He heard me cussing before he saw me, and when he turned and saw my naked big-bellied, barefoot ass running down that street after him, you could have bought his ass for a nickel. His expression was priceless. If I hadn’t been so mad I would have died laughing at the embarrassment on his face. You can bet he turned his ass around and came back in that parsonage to listen to what I had to say. “Get me some damn air”!!!