Marilyn J. Taylor is a native of Fort Worth, TX, where she was born into a family of three, and raised in a spiritual household. Marilyn regularly attended church and was identified at an early age to possess a gift for communication and speech.



For as long as Marilyn can remember, she has been a writer, many times she states to her detriment.  To this day, Marilyn says she still passes notes to her friends and family for comfort and encouragement.



For twenty years, Marilyn was the voice of encouragement and support behind her ex-husbands church ministry and the dedicated mother to their three children. 



Today, Marilyn is the epitome of the change GOD can make in someone’s life.  When her marriage came to a turbulent end, she was forced to evaluate her priorities and rely on God in a way she had never done before.  Through her faith and commitment to endure, Marilyn has recognized her calling to be a voice to the Christian community, by bringing awareness to the demonic spirit of lust that has a tendency to permeate the pulpit. 



Marilyn toiled with the decision to publish this body of work, for fear that she would expose or upset many whom have fallen victim to sexual lasciviousness.  

Marilyn holds a Bachelors degree in Sociology and is currently pursuing her Masters degree in Family Counseling from Dallas Baptist University.  Marilyn hopes to continue her educational endeavors and eventually gain a Doctorate in Clinical Counseling.



Marilyn enjoys the company of her three children, family and close friends.  She considers it a privilege to be able to share with you some of the challenges of her past, in the hopes that you may have a more prosperous and fulfilling experience within your family and Christian relationships.



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