Diary of A Mad Preachers Wife


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Excerpt: October 2001

I got up this morning with a divorce plan. It was time to round up the church “tools” and haul their behinds into court. I made a list of the ladies that immediately came to mind, got out the phone book, and started dialing the phone. I had no time to beat around the bush and got right to the point, informing each woman that I was in a fight with their pastor for my children and needed their testimony in my divorce suit. Those that readily agreed I placed a check mark next to their names. Those who hesitated or said no I wrote their names on my subpoena list. Each conversation led to another name I could add to the list.  One way or the other it was time for them to help me make Curtis pay the piper. 


Let’s see there’s…

No neck, snow coned shaped, whiner, Cecilia, she said Curtis told her he needed her and she felt sorry for him.

Super bitch, scorned stalker, church hustling, first lady want to be, Celine, she had the most dirt on him.

Used and abused crack head, Monique; she’d had an orgy with him and Franklin.

I don’t know what the hell he saw in her, Joann...I just don’t know…

Short skirt wearing lying stank, Sheryl…she didn’t want him…she just liked feeling important.

Mustache Lucille…she claimed they never had sex…liar!

Sexual disease transmitter, birthday cake baking, Choir director Charla…I did like her perfume!

“I want to hug” while I screw your man, two-faced Portia…fool quit her husband for my husband!

Pitiful, pathetic sisters, Paris and France (their real names are worse)…Paris actually thought she could take my place.

The under-age conniving, baby aborting, blackmailing babysitter, Kelley

…and I want to knock the pastor wife’s shoulder off and get my ass kicked subpoena goes to, Kayla.

The ultimate betrayer and queen of the whore ring goes to my best friend and godmother of my child, Selma!


By the time I finished making phone calls I thought about Curtis touching me after having sex with all those women and had to go and take a shower! It started to dawn on me that this was bigger than sex. No man does this! But back to the divorce. Take my kids indeed! It was bad enough he wanted me out of the house; he had taken my car and my cell phone, he was demanding all the furniture, the money, and the clothes off my back. His ass had even taken the leather coat he gave me at our last Christmas. He had me bumming a ride or walking everywhere I needed to go, and living off two hundred dollars a month and he had the nerve to want to take my kids from me. Hell no!


These are not the only women Curtis slept with, jut those who immediately came to mind. Only God can count the grains of sand...