Diary of A Mad Preachers Wife

Too Much Information

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Excerpt :October 2001

It was a Kodak moment when Curtis waltzed his wannabe powerful and controlling ass off that elevator and saw all his church whores standing in the courthouse hallway. I wished I could hit the instant replay button to see the shock on his face over and over. He had left me no choice with his counter divorce suit and suing me for custody of my children. It had been no easy feat getting these women to court and it had also been expensive. They did not come willingly. I’d had to humble myself and go crawling to Celine begging for her help. I needed her assistance in contacting the other women. I begged Celine to get involved for my children’s sake and she finally agreed to join forces with me. I submitted myself to the humiliation of calling all of those women and convincing them to help me keep my children. I had to re-live the affairs all over again as I noted their various stories for court. One night I visited Paris (nickname) to get details of her affair with Curtis. Paula, Trisha, and I sat at her kitchen table while she and her husband eagerly told me every gory detail of her affair with my husband from beginning to end. I learned that their affair had lasted nearly seven months. She claimed to have tried to break off the affair several times and Curtis had begged her not to leave him. Paris told me that she had even moved in with her grandmother to ward off his visits and phone calls, but he had continued to demand to see her despite her grandmother knowing he was calling. She told me that he had given her a STD and paid to have it taken care of. They had gone out in public places but not before Curtis insisted she disguise herself with sunglasses and a baseball cap. It had taken her whole family’s intervention for Curtis to finally leave her alone. My husband was a sexual predator?! Paula kept interrupting her litany to see if I was okay and if I needed Paris to stop her confession, but I was beyond caring what I found out about Curtis. I had one agenda, fighting for my kids. I was not bothered or shocked by her confession, but I was shocked at my husband’s desperate behavior. My next step was to subpoena the deacon holding the church financial records so the court would be abreast of Curtis’ true financial records.

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