Diary of A Mad Preachers Wife

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When Reverend Tyson is fatally stabbed by his wife’s lover their glass house image of the perfect couple is shattered and the truth begins to unravel about what really goes on in the lives of the first family when sexual immorality takes center stage.

Book Title: Diary of a Mad Preacher’s Wife

Genre: Memoir/Drama

A personal diary detailing twenty years of marriage to a sexually deviant preacher and our friends, also preachers who shared the same fate. The diary chronicles the scandalous dissent of the pastor’s family into the dissent of hell behind sexual immorality and my personal struggle to climb out of that pit and restore my self-esteem and self- respect. But not before I too journeyed along with my husband down the path of sexual degradation which nearly cost my husband his life.


About Me

I pride myself on being an accomplished writer with a background in Psychological and Religious studies. My ex-husband and I ministered together for twenty years achieving new heights in his ministry while raising our three children, working full-time and maintaining our home. I pray this enlightening and informative body of work captivates the reader and opens your eyes to the hidden world behind sexual immorality in our churches specifically in the pulpit.

My healing has been a long and painful journey to self-discovery. I ran from this project for seven years because the pain of writing it was unbearable .I also feared that this very controversial subject would turn the religious world against me, but I feel compelled to share my story as a testimony to encourage those who may find themselves walking in my shoes.