Diary of A Mad Preachers Wife

Letter to one of the Many:

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Excerpt: January 2002


Whore – term used to describe one who is sexually indiscriminate, willing to set aside principles and personal integrity in order to obtain something for selfish motives.


If I could write a universal letter to all church whores I would start by telling them what fools they are.

My dear church tools A.K.A whore,

You are being duped by a master manipulative demon. An affair with your pastor isn’t about you. Satan is using this affair as an attack against God’s ministry. You are simply a piece of the arsenal to bring the preacher down, thus, the family down, the church down...Rarely does a preacher/pastor leave his wife for you. Satan is using you as a destroying distractive tool. Satan’s ultimate plan is to annihilate a ministry. Satan’s main agenda is to prove to God that our flesh will follow him before our hearts will follow God. He wants to destroy all who have faith in God. You are involved with a sin sick man trying to validate himself through your false adoration. Further, the affair is about your own low self-esteem. People who have affairs disrespect themselves, the person they are having the affair with, and the spouse or family of the person they are creeping with. It is not a relationship. You are an undercover, slipping in the dark, creeping around corners, lower than a prostitute lying whore. You are behaving downright disrespectfully. You are affecting a church, a family, a community, and your own self-worth. What you share with your pastor is a lie from the pit of hell. What you will soon find out is that the preacher’s shit stinks too. What you see in the pulpit is not what you get at home.  At home the preacher leaves his dirty socks on the floor like all other men. He belches and farts in the bed and he does not have a sacred penis. AND, AND if he mistreats his wife and family, if you get him guess who’s next? Are you looking for prestige from a whore’s stance? There is no prestige in screwing the pastor, that honor is bestowed only upon his wife. You are on the down low where you will remain for as long as you allow it, or until his wife finds out. The preacher will even school you fools on how to manage your on the down low status and claim it is to protect the ministry, but if he gave a damn about his ministry, he wouldn’t be screwing you. He will lie to you, claiming that if he divorces his wife it will negatively affect his ministry. He will tell you, (like all cheaters) a bunch of bullshit about his wife, (most of it untrue) to make you feel sorry for him. I personally met with many, yes many of my husband’s lovers and every one of them told the same story. I didn’t keep the house clean, (I’m neurotically clean), I didn’t give him sex, (we had sex seven days a week), I didn’t understand him and I’m never home, blah, blah, blasť, blasť. All lies. We had a good life together, we got along, we laughed, spent time with friends, our kids, and each other. The truth is you are a piece of tail for a lying, sexually deviant, immoral, carnal preacher! You are a tool used by Satan to distract the man of God from his calling. A man of God who is sinning with you is using you. You are not the first whore to screw him, nor will you likely be the last. He will treat you special, but YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL TO THIS MAN! You are not loved by him or loving yourself. Ultimately, God, Karma, the Universe will ensure that you suffer for screwing with another woman’s HUSBAND! You are setting yourself up for seriously dire consequences and in some cases you are endangering your lives. I know some preacher’s wives who will kick your ass and ,without a doubt, if they don’t God will. You are casualties of spiritual warfare.

In the end, everyone gets hurt, the pastor, his wife and children, the church family, and you, the preacher’s whore.